• This medicine is considered very effective, as evidenced by the many reviews of parents, and we will familiarize you with some.

    • Anastasia from Belarus writes that her daughter did not cough for a long time, and the doctor prescribed to drink Augmentin (also order augmentin). My daughter started recovering very quickly and got rid of a cough. No side effects were observed..
    • Another mother from Yekaterinburg shares the fact that her son didn’t have a runny nose for a long time, which eventually turned into sinusitis, despite the treatment and procedures that were properly performed. The doctor prescribed this antibiotic, and the improvements were already noticeable on the third day of admission. After 7 days of treatment, the baby fully recovered.
    • Elena from Ukraine talks about the fact that her 6-year-old son fell ill with ARVI and a couple of days later complained of a sharp pain in the ear. Subsequently, his temperature rose 38 ° and his condition sharply worsened. The doctor diagnosed acute otitis media and prescribed Augmentin. Two days later, the temperature was gone, and the son began to feel much better. Passed the full course prescribed by the doctor, and the condition finally stabilized.
    • Mom from Nefteyugansk tells her story: her baby had laryngitis, with which they lay in the hospital twice, and all this for 3 months. When the child began to have a sore throat again and a fever rose, the doctor recommended this antibiotic. After 5 days everything went away, but adverse reactions were tormented, so I also had to restore the microflora.

    Release Forms

    In addition to the mentioned tablets, other options are also presented, for example, Augmentin 875 + 125. The instructions for use of this medication contain a decoding of digital values: 125 - the amount (in mg) of acid, 875 mg - the volume of the antibiotic. The product is available in tablets and supplemented with some specific substances that simplify the administration..

    For the use of an antimicrobial preparation in the form of injections, two types of powder can be found on sale: 500 + 100 and twice as much concentration. As can be seen from the instructions for use, Augmentin for children is recommended in the form of a suspension. In this format, the tool is represented by a 70 ml bottle. 200 mg of amoxicillin accounts for 28.5 mg of clavulanic acid. To simplify the intake and increase the efficiency, digestibility of the composition, additional components are introduced, including means to give a pleasant aroma.

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